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♥ Tuesday, October 30, 2007♥

Hi faithful supporters of Teresa!

A very inquisitive faithful supporter of Teresa found out for himself some of the upcoming events of Teresa so I suppose there is no way to keep some of these events unannounced. So here it goes:

1) Teresa will be scheduled to appear on national television very soon
2) Teresa will be scheduled to appear on the SPoP Competition in early November.
3) Teresa has been invited by Chen Weilian to sing on the SPoP Competition.
4) Teresa will be performing a new song on the S... C..........
5) Teresa will be performing a duet with Chen Weilian during the SPoP Competition singing 《你最珍贵》.
6) Teresa will be a..... in one or two e....... of a t......... d.... in early J......

Well, all the faithful supporters of Teresa can finally rejoice because Teresa will be singing songs on national television once again and this time, with PSS 1 Overall Champion Chen Weilian!

I can already see the waves of anticipation coming in because both of their voices are already very good. Imagine how they will sound together in one of the classic love ballads of Jacky Cheung, 你最珍贵!

For those who have not heard this song before, you can go ahead to my blog at http://heaven-earth-human.blogspot.com/ and click on song number 37 for the original rendition first.

There is still more though, with two more events still unannounced, meaning more good things to come along for Teresa and her supporters out there! In the meantime, stay tuned to SPoP competition if you can to catch what is possibly the most beautiful duet of the year! Woohoo~~

(Image source: a faithful supporter of both Teresa and Weilian onsite at MediaCopr Studio on 30 October 2007)

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng