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♥ Monday, December 31, 2007♥

Hello Faithful suppoters of Teresa Tseng,

it has been a long long time since me, the admisntrator leave a message. I have decided to change the blog background for Teresa as well as adding in some news stuff =) I have also clean up those tags so there will be no tags! Please tag in some message ya? ^.^

Okay, latest news will be SPOP CONCERT @ HOUGANG MALL, those photos is up and please go to either the forum or friendster to take a look ^.^

Sample will be only 1 ^.^

Please stay tuned for another post!


Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Tuesday, December 25, 2007♥

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Wednesday, December 19, 2007♥

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Monday, December 10, 2007♥

Hi faithful supporters of Teresa!

I have the following announcements for Teresa Tseng's events and appearances schedule for Dec 2007 and Jan 2008 so please keep a lookout and see if you can participate actively in any of the following events and activities, giving Teresa all the support she needs to continue to shine as one of the finest Campus Superstars in Singapore

1) Teresa's designated song in the SPOP songwriting competition 《雨伞》written by 陈明娴 Dion Tan is NOW open for voting!As you all know by now, Teresa was invited to sing one of the SPOP top 12 song compositions and the full version is now up on SPOP's website and open for public voting.

To listen to the song, you have to go to the site (click
here) and you should look under song number five. Hold your mouse cursor over the speaker icon on that page and you should be able to hear the music playing and Teresa's fabulous rendition of the song.I don't want to spoil the fun here so I would rather keep my comments of that song for now and let everyone else judge for themselves how good the song is through Teresa's singing. If you think you like the song, you can then click on the name of the songwriter and vote for it!

You will need to register your particulars with MediaCorp with you wish to vote but that form is simple enough and should not take more than 3 minutes to fill in. Each registered member can vote up to 10 times every day so please rack up your daily quota of votes if you really really love to hear Teresa sing the song for the Grand Finals of the SPOP competition! Voting period is from 26 November 2007 to 21 January 2008 (2359hrs). After voting, you can also use the inbuilt email system to forward the song to as many of your friends as possible to let them vote for the song too!I hope everyone can like the song as much as I do and put that extra effort to vote for the song brought about so beautifully by our dearest Teresa! I have already voted. What are you waiting for?

2) Teresa Tseng will appear as a guest celebrity on SPOP on 17 Dec 2007 (Monday) at 8pm on MediaCorp Channel U in the episode where Chen Weilian is the main guest celebrity. Please stay tuned that night to watch the exciting duet with Chen Weilian!

3) Teresa Tseng will appear on SPOP as a designated singer for the song 《雨伞》on SPOP episode five at 8pm on MediaCorp Channel U in front of a panel of judges. Please stay tuned that night to listen to her rendition of the song onstage!

4) Teresa Tseng has been invited to attend yet another movie premiere in December 2007 (she loves to watch movies). Details of the movie premiere will be made available as soon as possible. If you want to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Teresa and watch a movie in the same theatre as her, please stay tuned to this blog or the official Teresa Tseng fanclub website!

5) Teresa Tseng will be a guest celebrity for TODAY newspaper's Health & Wellness Exhibition from 25 January 2008 (Friday) to 27 January 2008 (Sunday) at the Singapore Expo Hall 6B from 10am to 8pm. Other celebrities involved include Billy Wang, Tay Ping Hui, Vincent Ng, Felicia Chin and Shawn Tok!

Adminstrator On UPDATES.

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Saturday, December 8, 2007♥


Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng

♥ Saturday, December 1, 2007♥

日期:12月08日 (星期六)
Date: 08 Dec (Sat)
Time : 2pm – 8pm

你尝试过、你想像过在一辆开动着的巴士上欣赏live的演唱会吗?我们将安排3趟 “S-POP 万岁!巴士飚唱会”的SMRT路线106号巴士,川行于武吉巴督转换站和滨海中心之间。有兴趣免费搭乘S-POP 万岁!巴士的朋友,可以在以下时间到指定地点排队上车(先到先上,人数将按巴士载客量所限),或在任何106号巴士路经的车站等候上车。

拥有U频道或Yes 933醉心频道、958城市频道、Love 972最爱频道送出的“优先登车证”的观众和听众将可以优先上车,并且获赠丰富的礼包。如果你想索取“优先登车证”,请把个人资料以及联络号码电邮到 ucontest@mediacorp.com.sg (先到先得,截止日期 : 12月 5日)除了别开生面地在巴士上欣赏本地创作的好音乐之外,乘客还有机会赢取丰富的奖品,以及超限量发行的S-POP T恤和公仔。


【S-POP万岁!】 巴士的出发时间及地点如下 下午2:00 :滨海中心Raffles Avenue (薛尔思桥底下的巴士站)特别嘉宾是迷路兵(主持人:林翠芳 + 933 DJ伟彬) 下午4:00 :武吉巴督转换站106候车站蔡礼莲以及其他歌手将演唱多首脍炙人口的新谣(主持人:林翠芳 + 972 DJ蔡礼莲) 下午6:00 :滨海中心Raffles Avenue (薛尔思桥底下的巴士站)出席歌手将演唱多首电视迷们耳熟能详的本地电视剧主题曲及插曲(主持人:林翠芳 + 958 DJ明德)

* 出发时间可能因交通状况而稍有延误。

Enjoy the tunes of local compositions ‘live’ on a bus ride!Wanna be serenaded on your mundane bus ride? Hop on to S-POP HURRAY! Concert On The Move! Consisting of 3 bus trips running on SMRT Bus 106 route which travels between Bukit Batok Bus Interchange and Marina Centre, S-POP HURRAY! Concert On The Move is a free bus ride service.Interested? Simply make your way to locations below at the scheduled timings or be at any bus stops along the Bus 106 route (first-come-first-serve basis and subjected to limited capacity).

Priority will be given to those holding the “Priority Boarding Pass” received from Channel U or Yes 93.3 FM, Capital 95.8 FM and Love 97.2 FM. Get your “Priority Boarding Pass” now by emailing your particulars and contact to ucontest@mediacorp.com.sg (first-come-first-serve basis, closing date 5 Dec)!Besides enjoying the tunes of local compositions, goodie bags will be given away during the concert. There will also be limited-edition S-POP HURRAY! premiums to be won!

Performing artistes include Mi Lu Bing, Cai Lilian, Project SuperStar finalists Diya, Nat Tan, Carrie, Lingyi, Candyce, Sugi, Mingyao, Lesheng, Wenhai, Jeff Teay, Jeremy Kwan, Maxilian, Leon and Campus SuperStar finalists Teresa Tseng, Zhengning, Adriano and Marcus.

S-POP HURRAY! Bus Schedule* and Boarding Locations 2:00 pm: Marina Centre, Raffles Avenue (Bus stop under Benjamin Sheares Bridge)Featuring Special Guest Artistes Mi Lu Bing (Hosts : Cuifang and Yes 933 DJ Weibin) 4:00 pm: Bukit Batok Bus Interchange at 106 bus route boarding lineFeaturing songs from Xin Yao performed by Lilian and performing artistes (Hosts : Cuifang and Love 972 DJ Lilian) 6:00 pm: Marina Centre, Raffles Avenue (Bus stop under Benjamin Sheares Bridge)Featuring theme songs from local Chinese dramas (Hosts : Cuifang and Capital 958 DJ Mingde)

* Schedules might be subjected to changes depending on traffic conditions on the day.

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng