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♥ Tuesday, October 9, 2007♥

Welcome to a blog that is created by the friendster Adminstrator of TERESATSENGFC. We wish that everyone will do their best part by supporting Teresa and doing your best in your examination. Well, this blog is something that you can get the latest news of Teresa. Her post and her event. Of course, you guys out there will have a chance to leave a greeting for our Teresa. All friends and fans whom supported out there is welcome.

Of course we do have some RULES in this blog like how we did to TERESATSENGFC.

  • No Imposting of people. ( eg. A Celebrity )
  • No Spamming inside the tagboard. Any spam messages that is too awful, we will delete the message and immediately BAN YOUR IP and we will not allow you to enter anymore.
  • If.. we found out any trouble makers here, we will immediately STOP this blog from going on.


  1. Keep yourself a regular online to catch parties info about Teresa.
  2. Post any encouragment/greeting for Teresa in the Tagboard.
  3. Staying as " ONE FAMILY " in our blog.

We hope everyone can understand what we are trying to do over here. If you do have any question, leave a tag inside the tagboard and I will answer you as ASAP! =)

Once again, thanks for promoting TERESATSENGFC - inside Friendster as well as promoting this FAN CLUB BLOG =)

For more info about Teresa, please log on to http://www.idollic.com/teresa

With all my loves,

Adminstrator ^.^

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng