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♥ Thursday, October 18, 2007♥

Teresa's Remixed Song in 881 Dance Tracks Album:

I believe we have another reason to be proud of Teresa (her photo is at the bottom centre of the album cover, right alongside her favourite singers, Zhang Hui Mei and F.I.R) because she has yet again manages to surprise everyone with her song paricipation in the latest movie dancetrack album of the famous local movie 881. Teresa's song inside the album is the last song known as 爱昧 (funky remix version) and although she has only one song in the album, it already speaks volumes of how her singing is appreciated by even movie and album producers.

Way to go, Teresa! A Campus Superstar who continues to shine again and again and again! Stay tuned to her because we can be expecting more good things coming from this girl!

Thank you for all your support, with love, Teresa Tseng